Smart Trade Finance Global has far reaching business relationship with a number of Private Wealthy Individuals and Private Venture Capitalists who seek investment opportunities for both the short term and long term. Given this depth, we have the ability to create an enabling corporate banking ecosystem that bridges the gap between a seller and a buyer of Commodities, specifically Gold (“AU”). It prides itself on its’ ability to source and secure relevant financial instruments, transactional credit facilities that encapsulate risk management solutions (placing risk with the party that is best able to manage a risk) for a specific commodity trade. ​

Given the volatility and low margins, commodity finance is complex and difficult to secure in comparison to other asset classes. This means that many financiers are hesitant to work with new or expanding corporates, as risks related to a sudden difficulty, shipment problem, quality issue or a counterparty default means that a previously profitable trade may cause a major or disproportionate difficulty for the corporate.

Smart Trade Finance Global has focused on integrating the financial supply chain of these transactions and have matched them with commodity finance solutions that are coupled with the adoption of international best practices, highest standards of service quality and operational excellence that enables us to service the changing needs of our corporate clients across global markets in providing a seamless solution.

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